Riverscape Reverie Metropolitan Stories Mural 382261

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Introducing " Riverscape Reverie," a magnificent 7x panel mural capturing the essence of time and nature's artistry. This awe-inspiring piece takes you on a journey through centuries, as you witness the transformation of a once flowing river's bed into captivating limestone layers basking in the radiant sun. With dimensions measuring 371x280cm in width and height, this mural becomes a mesmerizing centrepiece for any space. The intricate details of the limestone layers, beautifully depicted, showcase the intricate patterns and textures developed over centuries. Each panel seamlessly connects to create a cohesive masterpiece, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty it portrays. "Riverscape Reverie" invites you to experience the passage of time, marvelling at the enduring presence of nature. Its presence on your walls transforms your space into a sanctuary where art and history intertwine. Whether adorning the walls of a home, office, or gallery, this mural captivates onlookers, inviting them to reflect upon the enduring wonders of the natural world.
Application: Paste The Wall
Colour: Beige, Grey
Design Style: Faux Surfaces
Finish: Flat Surface, Wipeable Vinyl
Number of Panels: 7
Size (cm) Width x Height: 371 x 280