Style Guide: How to Do Tropical Wallpaper Right

Instantly transform a room into a colourful haven, an exotic escape, or a dreamy dip into nature with these ten jungle themed room ideas.

Looking for tropical or jungle room ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Tropics are always hot in interior design trends, with the magic of instantly transforming a room into a colourful haven, an exotic escape, or a dreamy dip into nature, all from the comfort of your own home.

Wallpaper is the ideal quick and easy way to add a splash of tropical theme into any room, acting as a stunning backdrop for furniture, fixtures, and decor. If you’re longing for a tropical theme but lost for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these ten jungle themed room ideas to get you started.

Switch Up Your Colour Scheme

Going for a tropical themed wall doesn’t mean you have to stick to green, white, brown, and gold – there’s a whole rainbow to explore and get creative with. With more simplistic styles such as Belgravia Decor’s Alessia Leaf Wallpaper, you can achieve that gentle touch of nature in an elegant colour palette to complement your own unique taste.

Create a Feature Wall

With such a fun, eye-catching theme, tropical wallpaper works wonderfully for a feature wall, and can be paired with accent colours on the adjoining walls to make any room feel harmonious and complete. For example, something like this Wonderland Tropical Animal Wallpaper from Holden Decor would be a great addition to a tropical themed room, paired alongside a plain all-over colour such as a deep green or muted red to really highlight the palette of the feature print.

Level Up Your Bathroom

Sometimes people avoid wallpapering areas of the home subject to large amounts of steam, condensation, and splashes, but with the right material, a fun, stylish print or pattern can be a great way to create a more luxurious feel in your bathroom. Graham & Brown’s Elegant Leaves Superfresco Wallpaper is the perfect leafy print, ideal for pairing with monochrome decor and simple, modern fixtures, and is printed on washable wallpaper to withstand the daily bouts of water and moisture exposure.

Pair With Wooden Decor

With gorgeous jungle-themed colour palettes of deep greens, bright whites, and golden tones, pairing tropical wallpaper with wooden furniture is an ideal combination, adding a cool, chic feel with a modern, urban take on a classic style.

Do A Headboard Wall

A wallpaper headboard is a great way to add a harmonious feel into your bedroom – by bringing different elements of your decor together, your room will instantly feel more coordinated and balanced. A headboard wall is a great way to draw the eye to the main feature of your tropical themed bedroom, and will look beautiful when paired with a dark wooden bed frame and white bed sheets.

Have Fun With Florals

If you’re looking for a tropical themed wallpaper and fancy something a bit more floral, there are plenty of options out there to add a softer, more elegant look to your walls. Arthouse's Soft Tropical Blush Gold Flora Wallpaper is the perfect print for adding a classy twist to the tropical theme, with subtle gold highlights to brighten up a space and reflect light around the room, ideal for pairing with dark-toned furniture for a more modern edge.

Brighten Up Your Hallway

Hallways and transitional areas are prime spots for adding a tropical theme with a splash of leaves and trees. Sometimes, hallways can be overlooked in favour of decorating the more lived-in areas of the home, but making the spaces that link different rooms more lively can be really effective in piecing together the decor of the house as a whole, making it feel more complete.

Welcome guests with a strong first impression and create a beautiful backdrop for art and photographs, which look wonderful when printed in black and white to stand out against the bright tones of the tropical colour palettes. Tropical hallways also look wonderful paired with white accents and wicker decor.

Exotic Bird Designs

 Tropical wallpaper doesn’t always have to be green palm trees and jungle murals – take elements of the tropical theme and use them to fit into your unique style. Versace’s Barocco Birds Luxury Vinyl Wallpaper is a great example of a wallpaper that draws on components of the theme and adds an individual twist to it, with exotic birds against a striking background with Baroque details.

Animal print wallpaper can also bring a touch of elegance to a tropical themed room, such as with Grandeco’s Tropical Wood Mural Wallpaper with beautiful painterly-effect birds against a stunning bleached white wood panel-effect background, which looks wonderful when paired with minimal, neutral-toned decor and furniture.

Plants & Decorations

With bedrooms, you really have a chance to get creative with your tropical themed elements and decor. You can transform your space into an urban jungle by pairing jungle wallpaper with wooden shelves, covering your space with potted plants, or draping some leaves around the room. Hanging plants in pots or round windows and doorways also works wonders for a rainforest themed bedroom.

Go Realistic

With tropical and jungle themed wallpaper, opting for a photorealistic design always gives a stunning effect. The natural elements of photorealistic tropical prints bring a calming sense of the outdoors in, with lush green tones and earthy details that really open up a room, such as Grandeco’s Bamboo Mural Wallpaper. Photorealistic wallpaper often looks best when paired with simple furniture and minimal colours to offset the more intricate design.

If you need any more inspiration for tropical or jungle room decorating ideas, feel free to take a browse through our stunning selection of wallpapers to find the design of your dreams.

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